Sedona Biking Trails & Adventures: Maps & Logs by Sedona Locals

Mountain biking in Sedona is some of the best you’ll find anywhere. Surrounded by spectacular red rock formations and soaring sandstone cliffs, people from all over the world experience fun filled adventures on Sedona mountain bike trails. The trail system accommodates all skill levels.

Our information will help you map out trails based on your skill level and physical ability.  Our familiarity with Sedona trails is based on over 20 years of riding in the area.  Conditions specific to Sedona trails as well as descriptions are based from a biker’s perspective.

We give you tips how to recognize the trail as it passes across slick rock sections where obvious impression may not be noticeable.  Secondary trails are not maintained the same as primary trails, as primary trails are marked with cairns.  This can sometimes present a challenge to remain on the trail.

Our information will point out trails that provide more shade for rides in warmer temperatures, trails that prohibit bike use, special areas to stop for a snack and take pictures.

Trail data marks out view points you may miss as your eyes will be focused on the trail while riding. We feel our efforts will enhance your biking adventure.